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Creating functional storage solutions is the core of our work and energy. IMA is a Swedish company and today we are one of the largest producers of waste solutions in Scandinavia. Flexible solutions that fit all kitchen brands in Europe. Our passion for intelligent, functional and beautiful storage also comprises cabinets and wardrobes. The various solutions we have designed can be combined not only in kitchen storage, but in cleaning cabinets and storage for clothes and textiles. 

Colours, materials and textures are carefully chosen to give users endurance, usability and beauty. The constant solution and system thinking is why we are taking the lead in this market today.


  • 06 Apr

    Improving services with development

    With our newly launched website we hope to give our customers even better services when it comes to product information and what our solutions can do for you.

  • 02 Mar

    IMA helps housing company

    The Swedish property developer Modexa is renovating apartment buildings with their smart concept that lets tenants stay in their homes during the renovation.

  • 04 Feb

    The new SELECT solution

    IMA´s SELECT waste solution is well known and has been around for many years. Now it is time to present the new SELECT that is developed for cabinets and is built on a unique system solution.

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We have a strong belief that we have to be responsive to the needs that our customers express. Mainly it is about creating options and solving challenges that our customers are facing. The world that we operate in is mainly consisting of three important groups. 


First, the kitchen industry. IMA has evolved together with these companies and we have become experts in thinking systematically. It is really all about creating as many options as possible, using as few components as we can.


Secondly, we see an increasing demands from associations and legislative groups when it comes to taking care of waste. Our products must facilitate recycling. For the sake of the environment and our future sustainability.


And last, the end customer. Using our solutions must be convenient, time saving and make the inside of peoples homes more organized. Colours, materials and textures are carefully chosen to give users endurance, usability and beauty.


Sweden has long been a precursor when it comes to households taking care of their waste, sorting and recycling. This has inspired us in our work to make waste sorting easy and manageble. Now the whole world has realized how important this is and different forms of federal demands and legislations are coming into place. 

By 2023 all EU countries must take care of and collect food waste. This is a small revolution in our industry since it affects how we develop kitchen interiors and storage solutions. IMA has been working together with different national associations in waste disposal, to try to come up with a solution that can be used all over Europe. And the result is our very own HERO. A ventilated bin specialized in collecting food waste.


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