IMA started doing business over 30 years ago and a crucial part of our success lies in the close partnership with companies near to us. This is not just buying and selling parts between us, it is about almost feeling that we are the same organization. 

We are a large producer of storage solutions. Product development as well as lean production is of great importance to us. All the suppliers that are a part of our production chain are deeply involved in the process.

What we demand is that the companies that we keep close to us are highly skilled, eager to evolve and curious about the future. And they all are. So it really comes down to nurturing and keeping all these good and strong relations. Something that truly makes it worth getting up in the morning.


The customers we serve join us in the whole process of making new sustainable, endurable and smart storage solutions.


As a producer of these solutions we have every possibility to influence how they are designed. We start with your needs and the needs your end customers have and we develop from there. Sometimes we use an existing solution in our range and make adjustments to create a custom made product for you. In other cases we go to the sketch board together and start from the beginning.


The production plant is situated in Småland, in the southern part of Sweden and is a highly automated factory that manufactures all of our plastic products. It uses carefully chosen materials such as recycled PET. We are involved in every step of the production process to guarantee that the end product meet the highest possible quality standards that are acquired in the business we operate in.


The storage solutions that we produce can be branded to integrate fully in our customers product offer. All kinds of waste solutions should feel like a natural part of the kitchen that the kitchen company developed, follow its design line and the customer brand look. Branding for example the lids on the waste bins is seamlessly incorporated in the production process today.

Digitalized logistics

From our warehouse in southern Sweden we deliver the goods to all our partners around Europe. A digital platform helps us keep track of every piece that goes through the warehouse and to optimize the flow. The team at the logistics department are always close if customers was to get help with customizing their shipments or packaging.

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